Projects – Sunshine Coast

Our team specialise in the construction and subdivision of strata and community title developments from duplexes to complex layered schemes, mixed use, and volumetric subdivision.  We are available across southern Queensland: Sunshine Coast – Moreton Bay – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Toowoomba

Mixed Use

Surveyors Co. brings construction expertise to this landmark Sunshine Coast mixed-use development. Volumetric subdivision contract plans and Building Management Statement (BMS) plans are also underway as the project starts rising into the skyline in the Kawana regional project.


Sunshine Coast mixed use development. Surveying services - Sunshine Coast

New development and civil construction

Surveying land for a new development and civil construction – Yandina, Sunshine Coast. Detail Surveying for Engineering Design (contours and site features) with GPS.


Yandina, Sunshine Coast surveying land

Cases Study

Overpass and access ramps – Bruce Highway

Kellogg, Brown and Root Pty Ltd (KBR)


KBR commissioned Surveyors Co. – Formerly Downes Group, to conduct a terrain and feature survey to facilitate the design and construction of an overpass and associated access ramps for the Bruce Highway and Roys Road intersection and the Bruce Highway and Bells Creek Road intersection. The project included the provision of survey control, pre-design detail survey, traffic control coordination, night-works pavement survey of Bruce Highway and merging of Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) data with terrestrial survey and quality checking of MLS data.

Our role:

The extent of survey for the design required accurate terrain modeling of 255 hectares, including three kilometres of pavement and road furniture on the Bruce Highway. The survey involved large areas of State Forest with plantation pine trees, endangered and remnant native vegetation, a section of National Park, as well as heavily vegetated creek and drainage systems.

During the project, Surveyors Co. adopted the below methodology:

– We established A GNSS control network to encapsulate the site and provide accurate Map Grid of Australia (MGA94) coordinates, from which internal control monuments and recovery marks were coordinated – We used a digital level to provide an Australian Height Datum (AHD) level on each monument, recovery mark and quality assurance point to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of survey data throughout the site – Due to the extensive site vegetation, the majority of the terrain modeling was performed by terrestrial surveying methods – We designed and implemented stringent safety and access protocols to ensure the safety of all workers and road users, and to protect the interests of existing landholders – With a daily traffic count of about 57,000 vehicles, access onto the Bruce Highway pavement is prohibited during the daytime. As a consequence, the Department of Transport and Main Roads provided Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) data to model the pavement and road furniture. In order to access the pavement to coordinate the MLS data and to test the quality and reliability of the MLS data and to locate road and drainage features in the median between northbound and southbound lanes of the Bruce Highway, Downes mobilised traffic controllers and Queensland police to close a lane of traffic at nighttime.

Delivered Outcomes:

By using cost-tracking project management spreadsheets and progress output files, Surveyors Co. delivered the entire project on time and within budget. The complex terrain and surface features were accurately represented using in excess of 30,000 points using three survey crews. Site levels ranged between 0.3 of a metre below sea level to 27 metres above sea level.

We collected and presented all data in accordance with the Department of Transport and Main Roads standards for the Provision of Road Transport Infrastructure Surveys. The following legislation and standards were complied with during the course of the survey:

  • Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
  • Main Roads Surveying Standards, Sections 1-4
  • Surveying and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003
  • Transport Infrastructure Act 1994
  • Traffic Management for Construction or maintenance
  • Work Code of Practice 2008 Work Health and Safety Act 2011. The final deliverables included a digital terrain model in 12D format encompassing the Main Roads code library, and associated quality and survey control reports that incorporated seamless integration of terrestrial, satellite and MLS data