Surveyors Co.
Management team

Tony Vella. One of our Surveyor Co. team leaders. Consulting Surveyor - Land and Engineering

Tony Vella

Director - Operations

Consulting Surveyor – Land and Engineering

With over 30 years in development, construction, and infrastructure projects across Australia and in Papua New Guinea, Tony’s depth of experience is from the field to the consulting room.

Tony helps formulate design and strategy concepts through his planning, development and surveying expertise.
His depth of experience with shopping centre & mixed-use development, subdivision & strata, to international mining & construction directs delivery of our company’s high-quality solutions.

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Dene Brooks

Spatial Data Manager

Engineering Surveyor. A. Dip Engineering Surveying

With over 30 years in the surveying industry, Dene has gained extensive knowledge of construction and detailed surveys on major transport infrastructure projects on the Sunshine Coast.
Dene’s experience has included 16 years on construction sites setting out bridges, drainage, pavement etc., as well as major volumetric surveys for earthwork and pavement quantities. 
Dene is focused on the best practice quality of our 12D deliverables, is a 12D super user, and is at the lead of our surveying technologies.

Mark Troyahn

Development Manager

Registered Land Surveyor 

Mark has gained vast surveying and project management experience on a range of small and large-scale engineering, mining and land surveying projects throughout Queensland.

He also has extensive management experience, having held senior positions with several recognized Consulting Firms.

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Simon Passlow

Simon Passlow

Director IT Systems & Safety

Registered Land Surveyor

With more than 35 years of surveying experience, Simon has a broad range of surveying and town planning expertise.

He is passionate about information technology and has seamlessly integrated the latest supporting technology and computer systems into our workplace to enable rigorous delivery of the company’s portfolio of projects.

Simon’s control of our management platforms enables our sharp focus on quality.

Fiona Winskill

Spatial Project Manager

Fiona is based in Brisbane and provides a broad spectrum of surveying services on projects across many industry sectors

Fiona has extensive experience in the development and construction industry providing our clients with the latest technical solutions and efficient, trusted service. Our long-term clients ask for Fiona to be on their project team.

Contact Fiona for surveying services.