Surveying Projects – Toowoomba

Surveyors Co. specialise in the construction and subdivision of strata and community title developments from duplexes to mixed-use, complex residential estates, layered schemes and volumetric subdivisions.

Our main office is based in the Sunshine Coast, but we also have regular projects in Toowoomba, such as the examples below.

Toowoomba’s Greenwattle Street Subdivision takes shape. 

Early stages of Land development

Surveyors Co. prepares for final pegging as subdivision operational works nears completion.

Toowoomba subdivision - Greenwattle Street. Surveying services by Surveyors Co.
Greenwattle Surveyor Project Toowoomba

Latest picture from the Toowoomba project at Greenwattle Street.

Greenwattle Surveyor Project Toowoomba


Status report and what’s next:

Operational works aspects of the project including the building of retaining walls, street kerbing & pavement, lot services, and finished levels will soon be complete.

As-constructed data for these works will be supplied to Surveyors Co. for analysis together with the pertinent conditions of the Development Approval (DA).

Spatially accurate creation of easement data to cover these secondary rights, like water and access for example, will then be uploaded for survey as the new lots are pegged.
Surveyors Co. data analysis also includes a comparison against original lot calculations of the estate to confirm spatial extents of disclosure plans and sales contracts.

Checking and finalising the digital survey boundary model by applying DA conditions and as-constructed information for such rights like easements is an important aspect of final survey plan creation.

When pegging is complete, the next step is creating the survey plan. The plan must be in registerable form for DA condition compliance, plan sealing, and ultimately titles registration at Titles Queensland.

Surveyors Co., as the project’s Consulting Surveyor, helps deliver the subdivision project by working and liaising with other project development team members.  
This multi-disciplinary team of 3rd party specialist consultants include: surveyors, accountants, lawyers, engineers, landscape architects, town planners, earthworks and civil contractors, services providers, and other specialist development managers. 

In Queensland, the process of creating lots where people live is very regulated and requires the team to perform with high levels of repour, professionalism and skill for the client to achieve success and create outstanding results.

The Greenwattle Grove Project allows us to do what is important to us, CREATE OUTSTANDING

Nexus – Toowoomba

Second range crossing

The TSRC is the largest Australian Government funding commitment to a single road project in Queensland’s history. It is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments with a contribution of $1.137 billion, and the balance is funded by the Queensland Government.

As such, any aspect of surveying for a project of this size is extremely important to the success of this award-winning project.

Second range crossing. Surveying project in Toowoomba.

SURVEYORS Co. controls site works as CSIRO’s Forest Hill Research Station facility begins construction.

The facility is located midway between Ipswich and Toowoomba off the A2.

CSIRO’s 77Ha Forest Hill investment in Queensland continues agricultural research support in the north for new and improved crop varieties, agricultural tools and agronomy.  

Research at the site will include various crops like wheat, barley and sorghum and legumes like soybeans. 

Infrastructure will be improved over time as staff relocate to the site, and research expands.

The property has good access to water for irrigation and existing farming facilities. 


CSIRO's Forst Hill Research Station near Toowoomba - surveying site works