Surveying Projects – Brisbane

Surveyors Co is involved in terrestrial scanning, complex residential estates, layered schemes and volumetric subdivisions.

Our main office is based in the Sunshine Coast, but we also survey several construction and commercial estates in Brisbane. Some examples below.

Eagle Street Columns, Brisbane

Terrestrial Scanning for this high-rise project in Brisbane, Australia.

Eagle Street Columns Brisbane - Surveyor project

Terrestrial Scanning

Revolutionising Construction Surveying for Accurate and Efficient Site Mapping

Terrestrial scanning has revolutionised the field of construction surveying by enabling surveyors to capture accurate and detailed 3D data of building sites quickly and efficiently. This technology allows for the creation of highly detailed and precise models of the site, which can be used for various applications such as design, construction, and maintenance.

In addition to mapping the location of structures, terrestrial scanning can also provide information on the site’s topography, contours, and vegetation. This information helps identify potential areas of concern and can be used to inform design decisions and construction plans.

One significant advantage of terrestrial scanning is that it can reduce the time and cost of traditional surveying methods. With terrestrial scanners, surveyors can capture data in a fraction of the time required by conventional surveying methods while maintaining high accuracy and precision.

Overall, terrestrial scanning is a valuable tool in the construction industry and has the potential to improve the efficiency and accuracy of surveying processes, ultimately resulting in cost savings and better project outcomes.

More about Terrestrial Scanning

Terrestrial laser scanning is a ground-based version of the airborne LIDAR frequently used for terrain and landscape mapping. Terrestrial laser scanners are a relatively recent development for high-resolution mapping of building sites. Construction surveying provides accuracy in the placement and extraction of survey data. Surveyor Co’s role in construction is to ensure that the location of any form of structure is built in the pre-determined location within that site.  

Also known as Terrestrial LiDAR.

LiDAR, Light detection and ranging, consists of a laser rangefinder that operates on top of a tripod or any other platform. The rangefinder takes repeated measurements of the distances from the platform to the surfaces of the structure.