Roads & Infrastructure, 12D Pre Design, Surveying – Scanning.

DTMR standard surveys & data with traffic control and 3rd party service locating included.

  • 12D DTMR Std predesign surveying & data from terrestrial total station, GNSS, scanning, and merged technologies
  • Site surveys and Public Utility Plant locating for asset and design, building information models (BIM) and development
  • Mapping and Drafting services

MLS – Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) collects comprehensive, high-accuracy data along infrastructure corridors. We are proud of our MNG collaboration to provide this service.  Increased safety, minimised disruption to traffic, and no traffic control requirements make this survey-accurate data collection technology increasingly attractive to many of our clients.

PUP Public Utility Plant (PUP) or utility services are regularly coordinated and mapped by Surveyors Co. for asset management, safety and design purposes.  Our preferred partners are fully accredited.

Building and Construction, set out, Form 12

Second range crossing. Nexus – Toowoomba