Planning, Surveying & GIS Project Conference 2022


“Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action – Professionalism in our Industry”

The keynote speech at the 2022 Planning, Surveying & GIS Project Conference at the University of Southern Queensland was delivered by Mr Tony Vella, Director of Operations, Surveyors Co.

In a post Covid environment, and in a climate of wide spread skill shortages, Mr Vella challenged the audience to consider the true value that professional surveyors bring to the table. Mr Vella touched on the importance of technology in the industry, and noted that true professionals offer much, much, more.

Mr Vella highlighted the key role surveyors should take in reshaping the industry.

“With projects, we are often in the execution and delivery phase, however we are useful also at the beginning, at Project identification, at strategy, and at the planning stages. Don’t be afraid and back yourself – do not take the back seat”

“In short, we think Surveyors can lead more. Engage in consulting roles more often and with conviction”

Mr Vella passionately promoted “leadership” as a key tenant in attracting the new generation of surveyors into the industry.

Following the keynote, a panel comprising

  • Sherif Mohamed / Head of School | School of Surveying and Built Environment,
  • Michelle Blicavs / CEO Consulting Surveyors National,
  • Chris McAlister / Surveying and Spatial Educator,
  • Kevin McDougall / Professor (Surveying) School of Surveying & Built Environment,
  • Tony Vella / Director of Operations, Surveyors Co

discussed the recent and planned changes in surveying education and steps to improve the registration process.

Mr Vella concluded in a message to students in the audience….

“If your employer isn’t focussed to have you knowing what they know and more, quicker than what it took them …. keep looking – Leaders empower others.”