Contours, Levels, Site Feature Plans.

Contours, Levels, Site Feature Plans – “Detailed Surveys”

When we survey the land for levels, features and contours, we create DTM’s (Digital Terrain Models) and Contour and Detail Plans.  This type of survey is a very common &relatively standard service and is customised dependent on the purpose of the survey.

Our Pre-Design surveys are stock standard 12D DTMR spec. compliant.  Many Engineers prefer these specifications, digital data and metadata.

We conduct other detailed surveys for planning and design purposes where digital plan presentation is even more important. Typically, our clients here are developers, Architects, planning and design people, building professionals and municipal engineers.  Whatever the use, good surveyors think about the end purpose and how the data representation will look.

We often work in partnership with service locators and other data collectors like LiDAR professionals to provide a greater understanding of the built environment and efficiency of data collection.       

Contours, levels, stie feature plans