Building & Construction, Set Out, Form 12 Certificates.

Because we are Land Surveyors, we set out your build, find your boundaries exactly, and then provide a sketch & FORM 12 certificate.

We provide building and construction control to a wide range of new development, building and infrastructure with the best and safest methodology.  We help with building retaining walls and extensions, new and complex builds, infrastructure and civil projects, volumes and as-constructed surveys.

Inspection Certificates and Certification

We field many calls requesting boundary identification and pegging however, when we enquire further, we often find that the purpose lying behind the request is concerned with positioning new construction.  We have found in our experience that clients prefer our Building Set Out – Certification service and product upon explaining the benefits over Boundary Identification and Pegging.

The benefits are the building set out a survey of the new works to help guide positioning the build, and secondly, the Certification of location as required by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission.

Building and Construction, set out, Form 12