Boundaries, Subdivision, Realignment, Easement, Lease.


Boundary identification and pegging, like building set out, requires the services of a consulting cadastral (Land) surveyor registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland (SBQ).  Surveyors Co. is registered as a Consulting Land and Engineering Surveyor with the SBQ and is a fully qualified surveyor for all land and engineering surveying, including boundary pegging and subdivision.

If you need to know where your property boundary rights lay, this relatively standard service and product is to be considered.

Subdivision & Realignment

We help people with all kinds of subdivisions and land development.  From large staged subdivisions to subdivisions of 1 lot into 2, we offer comprehensive services and advice.  Some standard services are listed below: design concepts and master plans, titling strategy, development surveying and pre-design, construction, disclosure plans and pre-selling, easement, covenant, lease, titling plans and plan sealing.

We find success in being more creative and strategic, passionate and determined, and capable and connected.  Trusted people in business are everything.


Boundaries Subdivision Easement Lease

Vast experience in the Urban Growth Service Offering.

Surveyors Co. can take small and large Projects from inception to completion. We have dedicated Professionals handling all facets of Projects, including:

  • Project Initialization advice
  • Formal advice and consulting, mixed-use, and titling advice
  • Preparation of Concepts, Proposal Plans and supporting drawings, Disclosure Plans, Building Location Envelopes, Draft Strata & Volumetric Plans, Exclusive Use Area and Sales plans, Building Management Statement Plans
  • Detail and contour surveys for design purposes by traditional and remote (drone & terrestrial scanning) technologies
  • Surround and Identification Surveys for base parcel boundary reinstatements.
  • Lot calculations for use by Project Team
  • Control and Set Out Surveys for Civil Construction
  • As-constructed Surveys
  • ADAC formatting of As-constructed Data
  • Final Pegging of Lots, Covenants and Easements
  • Preparation of Survey Plans
  • Preparation of Identification Survey Plans
  • Secondary Interest Document Dealings (Easement, Lease, Surrenders, Consents)
  • Development Compliance Dealings
  • Plan Sealing Submissions to Local Authorities and DSDILGP (for PDA Areas)
  • Lease surveys for land and buildings

Surveyors Co. provide these services to a range of Clients and Projects including:

  • Large and Small Developers
  • Local, State & Federal Governments
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Resource Companies

Surveyors Co. has a highly experienced team of senior qualified, and skilled Professionals. These skills have been honed by our Staff through Surveyors Co. and acquired industry project experience from Senior consulting positions across the rigours of surveying and development consulting disciplines.

Our people have been involved in many of Queensland’s major Infrastructure & Resources Projects and major Master Planned Communities. We are well-connected and in a prime position to create outstanding results for our clients.


Recent select Development Experience includes:

  • Mixed Use Ruthven Street Toowoomba
  • Aspect North Residential Estate, Woombye
  • Sunshine Coast Industrial Estate, Caloundra
  • Azure Forest Glen Building Format Unit Development, Forest Glen
  • Swann Road Building Format Unit Development, Taringa
  • Pappy’s Beach Master Planned Community, Mackay
  • Master Sketches & Lease Plans – Major Shopping Centres – Sunshine Coast, Dalby, Ipswich & Brisbane
  • Greenwattle Street Mixed-Use Estate, Toowoomba
  • Rural Residential Subdivision, Noosa Road, Mothar Mountain (Gympie)
  • Multiple Easement Surveys for Lockyer Valley Race Club, Gatton
  • Windmill Road Rural Residential Estate, Chinchilla

It would be our pleasure for Surveyors Co. to create outstanding for you